Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.   Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees.   The winds will blow their own freshness into you and the storms their energy; while cares will drop off like autumn leaves.      — John Muir —  see more . . .


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Climbing Lost Arrow Spire, Yosemite National Park, CA

Lost Arrow Tip1

Lost Arrow Spire, Hansen sits on top, while his partner Steven Iverson, cleans the route. Note the Visitor Center on the left side, and the baseball diamond on the bottom right (best seat in the stadium). Yosemite National Park, CA — Click on picture to read details abut the climb.–

 We have put together sections that are informative and educational, as well as for obtaining consultation or training, for purchasing and learning about equipment.    Also you will find information about some of the specialty projects we have been involved with:  For example:  here’s a check list you may find useful: Wilderness Check List Wilderness-Check-List     Like this one ==> *Below you will find a list of some of our offering, various articles, papers, studies, equipment, and services.  Feel free to read them, use them, *share them, and comment on them.   Many of the services we are offering are free of charge, and others, products and services, are being sold to help support this web site.


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Introduction to Hansen Specialty Services


Avalanche Skills: An article written for Emergency Magazine. A good overview and discussion of the principles and techniques of forecasting and rescue. You will find four key departments or sections:

Information: Instruction, Education,Training, and Seminars.  “School Teaches The Rules, Experience Teaches The Exceptions To The Rules.”   Knowledge is like a key to your dreams, or other endeavors.  Whether it is knowledge about the gear you have chosen, skills about the wilderness, or details about your trip; it is always well worth the investment of time in learning, planning, and preparing for your adventures. 

◊ Equipment and Gear Evaluations: Specialty gear for working, playing, and exploring the vertical and wilderness quality-adenvironments.  “Maximum Efficiency and Simplicity, with a Minimum of Effort and Equipment, While Allowing for a Reasonable Safety Margin.”  Choosing the right gear for the situation can save money, time, energy, and maybe even your life.  Gear featured in this section has be chosen for a number of reasons, which include: Performance, Cost (not just the price you pay), Function, Versatility, Quality, Durability in relationship with its designed purpose, and others.  We also have taken an extra step on each piece of gear to explain its pro’s and con’s, ways to use it effectively, sizing, and much more.  Ultimately, it is our objective to assist you in making your adventure successful, fun, and safe.  

◊ Specialty Projects:  Various Projects, Rescues, Expeditions, and other endeavors.  A sampling of project we have been associated with, to give you an idea of how we may be able to assist you with one of you adventures.

  As Helen Keller said, “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” Ad,WP Ad,Ipage


◊ Misc. Thoughts, Ideas, and Comments:   You will various items about life, philosophy, goals, and other’s thoughts, ideas, and comments in our, “See You At The Top!” section.

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Wilderness Citizenship

When you have learn the skills required to travel into the wilderness, day or night, winter or summer, good weather or bad, and be at home, you have arrived.  You have attained your “Wilderness Citizenship”

New Articles, Thoughts, and InformationITRS 2001 PULLEY, RESULTANTS SHOW FINISHED

Articles, tests , and other information we have published recently.   “Knots in a Dynamic Situation (Strength reductions in rope, webbing, etc. due to applying a load at different speeds),”  Climbing Lost Arrow Spire, Yosemite Valley,”  The Tao or Philosophy of Survival. and more. 

Trango Patagonia copy

Previously Published Work

Article, Summit,Boil your rope,Cover

Cover Story: Boil Your Rope? Hansen shares thoughts, ideas, and principles associated with “our second lease on life.”

DVD,Vertical Rope Skills w

Vertical Rope Skills is a 70 minute, principle based DVD discussing a variety of topics associated with using a rope and the related gear, and other topics one might deal with while climbing. A must for anyone who participates in climbing, rappelling, or technical rescue. Available on line or by contacting us directly. For more information email us at Sales@HansenSpecialtyServices.com

Articles, tests, and other information previously published in Books,  Magazines: “Summit, Off Belay, On Sight, and Other Climbing and Mountaineering Magazines,”  Journals: “Emergency, EMS journal,  Training manuals, etc.,” and DVD’s: “Vertical Ropes Skills, Just Tie it!, and others,  Video’s: Vertical Rope Rescue Skills, Vertical Rope Skills, and others,” Power Points: “EMS Professional Journal, Resultant Forces and Angles of Force, Natural Hazard Evaluation, and others.   

To the right is a feature article on getting the most life from your climbing rope.  It discusses a system to help determine if it is time to retire your rope, types of ropes, and other principles.

To the left is the DVD “Vertical Rope Skills,”  it is available on line , or by contacting us by phone or email. 719-293-3531 or Sales@HansenSpecialtyServices.com  Anyone who uses technical rope gear should have this knowledge.  Going to take a class or course?  Watching the DVD first will assist you in grasping far more during the training. 

This section contains many articles dealing with the mountains, safety climbing, rescue, and much more.


 See You At The Top!

albert einstein quotes - everything is energy

Food for thought . . .

Thoughts, articles, pictures, ideas and more about life and living it.   Please be advised, the opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily  the same as ours, but we felt there is  value in them; either good information, or a different opinion, to stretch your thoughts. For example: Einstein said, “Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.  Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.  It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy.  This is physics.”   This may or may not fit your picture, but knowing it, or knowing others feel or think this way, can be of value.  Also in this section, check out the piece about our Universe.  The Universe Defined.  It goes from earth, to the moon looking back at earth, to the planets looking back at earth, to the milky way looking, and so on to the edge of the known universe.  Then back down to the earth, to a plant, to a drop of water, then cells with in it, then DNA, all the way down to Quarks, the smallest known thing in the Universe.  Quarks may be the building blocks to our goals.  Science has found that our thoughts control and affect their behavior.

Goat, NF copy


Thoughts about the risks involved with mountaineering, from Edward Whymper, who ascended the Matterhorn, along with others, for the first time it had been climbed:    “Climb if you will, but remember that courage and strength are nought without prudence, and that a momentary negligence may destroy the happiness of a lifetime.  Do nothing in haste; look well to each step; and from the beginning think what may be the end.”— Edward Whymper —


Safety Notices and Recalls:  FALLGCLM

As a public service to our clientele and others, we have sponsored “Safety Notices and Recalls” Click the Safety Notices and Recalls title to get there   This page is about potential and actual safety concerns and problems.  Please feel free to let us know about ones we have not listed or how we can change it to better serve its purpose.



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